Monday, 13 August 2012

Bienvenido to Tacoland

I have no business writing a blog about tacos. 

In fact, the only food I probably have any business writing about is white bread. 


I’m Canadian, I’m blonde and from the ages of 4-20 my favourite meal was french fries and a glass of milk. I even spent a good deal of time in Mexico and the Caribbean when I was growing up, thanks to my father’s job on a cruise ship. But rather than fostering a love of Mexican food, it mostly just fostered a love of afternoon ice cream buffets. 


I had dabbled in fajitas and Old El Paso over the years, but my obsession with tacos didn’t start until I moved to Toronto and sampled the amazingness that was the Taco al Pastor at El Trompo. It was so flavourful and spicy - and the corn tortilla was like nothing I had ever bought at the store. After that one meal, I became a taco addict. 

My three years in Toronto was an orgy of all the tacos I could eat - basically it was that scene from The Simpsons where Homer eats all the donuts in Hell. Except I was in Heaven. 


But then I was offered a job in Halifax and moved out east. Where the burrito options are fairly decent, but taco options are seriously lacking. 


So I set out on a journey to create my own tacos - from classic Mexican to fusion to the “whatever is in the fridge” special. In Halifax, I don’t always have access to the most authentic ingredients, but I don’t let that stop me. I try things that may not be real Mexican, but are always real delicious. 

I’m not the likeliest of taco experts, but I love these tasty bite-sized morsels of deliciousness with the passion of ten Mexicans (plus two). And I want to share my recipes - tacos, toppings and tortillas - with you. 

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