Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nomad Gourmet

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled recipe posts/insights into my madness with a special bulletin: someone else in Halifax finally made some honest to goodness tacos. At mid-day on Tuesday I got a frantic text from Katie Tower, followed by a phone call 2 seconds later. The local food truck, that regularly offers delicious sandwich options, was serving up tacos instead. I hung a sign on my office door that said "Gone Taco-ing" and booted it downstairs to visit Nomad Gourmet. So how did they do? 

The menu was pretty simple: 3 tacos for $9, your choice of 4 options. With apologies to vegetables, I went with the meat options. I placed my order for Pulled Brisket with horseradish slaw, Pulled Pork with double seasoned Bacon Jam and Cajun Haddock with infused sour cream, gave them my fake name to avoid the confusion of my real, weird name and waited. 

After digging in, I can report that these were a most interesting take on tacos. Not traditional Mexican flavours but tasty none the less. The fish was my favourite - deliciously battered (you could really taste the Cajun spices) with fresh sour cream. The pulled pork was really all about the bacon jam - it had a chutney taste I'm not used to finding on my tacos. The brisket tasted a little like traditional pulled pork, with a sweet apple taste. I would have loved to have tasted a little more spiciness on the tacos, but that could just be because I secretly hate my stomach and want it to suffer. 

Photos courtesy of Katie's superior iPhone/VSCO cam
I think I've been inspired to try some sweeter, less traditional recipes. Thanks Nomad! 

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