Friday, 16 November 2012

Indochine Banh Mi

Mmm Bulgogi Beef

When you're known around town as "that crazy girl that only eats tacos," people are always eager to talk shop. Mostly I field questions, but every once in a while I get a recommendation. Before she left us for the Great Ontario Way, my dear friend Kim gave me quite possibly the best heads up I've ever received: the best tacos in Halifax are at a Vietnamese takeout joint called Indochine Banh Mi. I'm not sure what that says about Halifax, but I can assure you that Kim was 100% correct. So come along with me as I rhapsodize on the amazingness that is the Bulgogi Beef Taco.

From what I can remember, Indochine Banh Mi started serving the Bulgogi Beef Taco this past spring and have since expanded to other options like Tofu, Fish and Tikka (more on this guy later). Next to Mexican, Vietnamese is one of my favourite meals - I especially love the salad-like goodness of vermicelli. Which is basically what you're getting in the Bulgogi Beef Taco. The meat is quintessential Vietnamese, tender and somehow both sweet and salty. Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and sprouts add a nice crunch and freshness, while a Sriracha sauce hits you in the belly.
So, so good.

Chicken Tikka

The Tikka is less of a success - the roti-esq wrap is a smart choice, but the chicken has a weird texture and the pineapple (which I'm not usually a fan of to begin with) is a little overpowering. Nonetheless, I applaud Indochine Banh Mi's fusion spirit and hope they'll keep bringing me interesting tacos to sample for a long time. Also, more Bulgogi Beef. More of that is always appreciated.

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  1. oh man, wouldn't I love to have some Indonchine right now!! We'll have to go for tacos at Christmas!