Friday, 18 January 2013


Sorry for skipping Taco Tuesday this week, but I had a pretty big first happen - I tried out a new recipe and it failed miserably. But with a few tweaks, I'm sure you'll see it back here again (perhaps even for a theme week of sorts!). In the meantime, pull up a chair and let me tell you the tales of my Christmas vacation - where I went to more Mexican restaurants in two weeks than most people go to in a year. First up was Milagro on Queen Street in Toronto.

I stopped in the city to visit some old friends (and meet a new baby), so naturally I had to find some fodder for my blog. During the not-so-bustling early lunch hour on Saturday, I stopped by Milagro intent on chomping down on something totally new. From the menu I chose the Tacos Adobados, a seared rib eye with bacon and a three chili sauce.

I wish I could have put together a sampler plate, because the tacos I got were amazing and I wanted to try even more. Smoky and richly spicy, the Adobados made even a seasoned veteran like me sweat. Though the price wasn't that of a taco truck, the taste brought to mind hot summer days in the city - charred, meaty and scorching. Best of all, it went down great with a big ol' pitcher of white Sangria.

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